Introducing LevelApp

Buy, Sell, And Trade Your Favorite Games And Consoles.

It’s As Easy As 1. 2. 3.
Search from 1000s of (new and classic) games/consoles.
Find the one you were looking for. See descriptions, reviews, conditions of your favorite games/consoles right from the app.
Meet with a trusted buyer, seller, or trader, and secure the prize.
Available on all iOS, and Android devices.
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Finally. A free community app built for gamers, by gamers.

LevelApp is the first classified app ever, designed to meet the needs of lion heart gamers.

We grew up with the good old classics. So, we know how frustrating it can be to look for games/consoles you loved playing but couldn’t find on traditional classifieds apps.

This is why we built LevelApp.

A free community app designed for gamers, by gamers.

It’s focused on helping you find some of the best games/consoles ever created. And unlike other classifieds, you pay nothing for buying, selling, or trading your games/consoles.

We’ve also built it so you can meet cool gamers around you, invite them for a competitive or co-op play, become good friends, and maybe start a top-secret syndicate? Just kidding.

Easy to use. Simple to buy, sell, and trade.

We’ve made the buying and selling process the smoothest it can get.

For buyers: It takes less 3 seconds to find the game or console you’re looking for. Every bit of information (like game ratings, console condition, seller reviews) is available right on the app — which saves time — and helps you buy games/consoles at warp-speed.

For sellers: All you need are a few taps to post your free ad on the app. Our UI scans the games/consoles you’re selling and fills up important information (like game ratings) instantly. You let gamers know what’s available. They contact you. You do the deal. It’s that easy.

Chat securely with other gamers around you right from the app.

You don’t (and should not) need to share your private information with total strangers, right?

We thought the same. That’s why we’ve fused a blazing-fast chat feature in the app — so you can buy, sell, or trade your favorite games/consoles without leaking your super identity.

And with the geolocation option baked right into the app, you get to connect with gamers close by and share your preferred location to meet and do the deal. Yup, it’s that simple.

Join the community and make the app better.

We’re looking for gamers to join our Community, and help us make the app even better.

Just recently, we added a ‘review’ feature in the app, which allows you to rate other gamers in the community, so other people can know if your deal went good or bad. This ensures: whoever you’re connecting with isn’t someone who desires to loot your hard-earned savings.

We’d love to add more features (like above) but we need your support to make that happen.

Your valuable feedback and suggestions will help us give the best experience to gamers while they use our app. And that includes you. So, the question is: are you with us?

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